Nechalim LTD is an insurance agency working in the diverse fields of insurance both in Israel and internationally for the past thirty years.

Nechalim is situated at the heart of Tel-Aviv, Israel. We are equipped with the latest technological communication means, and as such, Nechalim is able to provide assistance and solutions at real time.

Nechalim possesses a working personal around the world. Specifically throughout Hungary, we have representatives located in Budapest and in Szeged.


Israeli students and Nechalim

Nechalim provides health insurance for Israeli citizens studying abroad. In Hungary, we currently provide our services to over five hundred students throughout the country.

Nechalim and Harel

Nechalim LTD is working in full co-operation with "Harel" - the largest insurance company in Israel. Harel is a very well known and respected insurance enterprise around the world and we, at Nechalim, are proud to provide our clients with an insurance carrier as Harel, providing excellent service and full coverage's for our clients.

The health insurance policies are issued by Harel and the claims are fully paid by Harel. We at Nechalim mediate between the client – the Israeli student, and the insurance company – Harel.

Visit Harel health insurance  web-site for more information at


Nechalim and Private clinics

Our aim is to provide the Israeli students with the highest level and ease of medical care. We excel in our aim by working with private medical centers throughout the world, which provide 24 hour service, full spectrum medical doctors and personal provided in the english language and in advanced technological labs and imaging. 

In Budapest, we provide private medical and dental care for the Israeli students by working closely with the "firstmed centers" ( By that, we both provide 24 hours, English speaking, private medical and dental care at the highest level.  



The health insurance policy

Every client who is insured is provided with a policy certificate which states the personal details of the client and the time frame that the policy is valid. This certificate proves that the student has a valid health insurance for the whole academic year.

The health insurance policy is valid for 365 days, so the students validate the policy every year. 


Contact us

Nechalim LTD.
Alona Elbaz 
Direct cell: 00-972-52-6006112 
Office Tel: 00-972-3-5375545  
Fax: 00-972-77-4449606
Address: 7 Rival street, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 67778.






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